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DurSon is a local company servicing the Washington, DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia communities.

Each of our technicians has over ten (10) years experience performing at least three of the below services and, are currently or have been employed by companies like IBM, Cisco, Proteon, Motorola, OpenRoute, Nx Networks and Best Buy Geek Squad:

- Computer Engineers, 

- System Engineers, 

- Network Administrators and

- Computer Repair.

DurSon technicians are mature, customer service professionals and enjoy the opportunity to provide computing services to those that need them.  

Repairs and services which require more than one (1) hour will be conducted in a DurSon workshop.  

Fees listed do not include replacement of hardware or software. The client is responsible for providing the software and/or equipment needed for the installation or repair.

              Pickup and delivery service is twenty dollars ($20.00). 

3616 Shenandoah Drive, Suite B
Beltsville, Maryland 20705

    Phone: +1 (301) 944-9044